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How to Create a User Registration Form

Numbers of the registration form can be created using user registration form. Simply create it by drag and drop method. You just need to follow some easy steps below:

  1. Go to the User Registration menu and click the option User Registration.
  2. One default form will be listed. You can edit the default form or create the new form by just clicking Add New button. The screenshot of default form can be seen below:User Registration Add New
  3. Now if you click the button Add New new form will be created.
  4. Assign your form a new name and drag & drop the required form elements from the left sidebar to the right section. Here, the required input field, user email and user password are already set by default.
  5. To modify the form elements just click the elements for e.g User Email. Now at the left sidebar you can edit the field option label, place holder and required select box.
  6. Finally hit the button “Create Form” which will generate the short code for form.

After your create form you will see a message like this:

Also, you can find Quick Links on the bottom-right of the form builder. It includes the links for beginners tutorials, documentation and support.

Additional Info
In the right section different column layout for form can be selected by just clicking the arrow button. Column option available are single, double and treble. And the + button to add new row.

You can also observe that the form elements which is already selected turns to grey color.

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