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Validation Settings



The Validation settings are for users to configure the message or texts that is displayed if a user enters something that is invalid or cannot be credible. This makes it easier for your users to correct mistakes if any. To access the Validation Settings, go to Dashboard→Everest Forms→Settings→Validation



To avoid any conflict and confusions, we have explained what each of the elements on the Validation Setting Page means.


This is the message that shows in the text field when someone does not enter a information that is required to create the form.

Website URL

This is the text that appears on the screen if your users enter a wrong URL or invalid URL of a website that they own.


This message appears to remind your users if there are any mistakes when they type in their email, and/or if they have entered an email that is invalid.


This option allows you to customize the text that is displayed when someone types in wrong or invalid contact number.


This box shows you the message that is displayed when the users make a mistake when typing out the captcha if you have enabled it.

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